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Project definitively closed since 2012

DarkComet-RAT development has ceased indefinitely in July 2012. Since the, we do not offer downloads, copies or support.

However, we have noticed that copies of the DarkComet RAT are still offered for downloads on many sites. We strongly advice you not to download or use these copies for a variety of reasons.

The first reason is that you might endanger yourself because these unofficial copies are too often wrapped with other malware, such as trojans or viruses. At worst, these might lock your computer or clean out your bank account. Another reason is that law enforcement officers might not look favourably at you if you maliciously use DarkComet RAT. The third reason is that we understand that DarkComet RAT is being used by oppressive regimes to spy on their opponents.

Remember, darkcomet-rat.com is the ONLY oficial website linked to this project. Any other website claiming to own or offer a download DarkComet RAT is owned by criminals that are only that to scam you or to get money from you.

DarkComet RAT was always 100% free and private copies never existed. Do not trust other websites that are used by scammers and script kiddies who pretend to have copies and offer support (often called via VIP-accounts).


Well, this is the right place because I say so. I am the original creator of DarkComet RAT. You can also retrace the history of this site via checking the Whois-record of this site or using the Internet Archive WayBackMachine.

Checking the Whois-record will show you that the registration date is 2009-11-28, which tells you that the site you are currently visiting came into existence in 2009. Any other website must be registered after that date and are fake.

Thank you for reading and please spread the word.